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Passive investments are an important part of planning for your future.
We focus on delivering realistic, stable returns so you can reach your financial goals.

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Desire to start an Online Investment Company?
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Profitex Trade can collaborate with and help you kick-start and manage your online investment company. Our savvy team of technical experts will provide you with a running website with which you can create your online presence and also manage your potential investors.

Using our enterprise trading robot, you are sure to efficiently satisfy your investors.

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  • Capital is 100% Safe

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Reliable Investing

Profitex Trade is an investment-brokerage and online money investment service provider. Profitex Trade manages assets of private individuals, pension plans, trust accounts, institutions and investment companies.

The main priority of our enterprise is the maximum availability of our services to investors of all levels.

We trade in Forex, Stocks, and Commodities, and Synthetic Indices using a combination of our trading experts and our proprietary algorithmic trader.

Our Features

Reason for Choosing Us

High Performance Strategies

We trade using Hybrid Strategies with proper risk management. We are Consistent in Profit. No gambling or get rich quick scheme.

Cash Management

Our cash management program offers a unique investment opportunity for investors looking for long-term proven, high yield returns.

100% Fund Security

Only regulated Brokers, Segregated and Guarded accounts, Nobody has access to your funds and Immediate Liquidity.

            We Help simplify

Your Finance

Profitex Trade offers opportunity for retail investors and institutions who have neither time nor trading expertise to benefit from the Forex, Stocks, Commodities, and Synthetic Indices market.

Investors Satisfaction
Success Rate
Risk Management
Fund Security

Why Choose Us

Reliable Trading Experts

Our reliable trading experts ensure an optimum value for your investment.

Best Currency Pairs Quotes

Our auto trader monitors the markets and places on most active and best options quotes.

Market Data Express

We make use of Market Data Express (MDX) that gives quick and easy access to commodities, stock and forex parameters.

Safe And Secure

All data are encrypted & protected against DDoS attacks, malicious software and viruses.

Investment Plans


$1,000.00     /   Minimum Deposit
  • Monthly Withdrawals: 17.00% ROI
  • Quarterly Withdrawals: 17.00% ROI
  • Semi-Annually Withdrawals: 18.00% ROI
  • Min. Investment $1,000.00
  • Max. Investment No Limit
  • Investment Security: 100%
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$3,000.00     /   Minimum Deposit
  • Monthly Withdrawals: 22.00% ROI
  • Quarterly Withdrawals: 66.00% ROI
  • Semi-Annually Withdrawals: 132.00% ROI
  • Min. Investment $3,000.00
  • Max. Investment No Limit
  • Investment Security: 100%
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$10,000.00     /   Minimum Deposit
  • Monthly Withdrawals: 23.00% ROI
  • Quarterly Withdrawals: 69.00% ROI
  • Semi-Annually Withdrawals: 138.00% ROI
  • Min. Investment $10,000.00
  • Max. Investment No Limit
  • Investment Security: 100%
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$50,000.00     /   Minimum Deposit
  • Monthly Withdrawals: 25.00% ROI
  • Quarterly Withdrawals: 90.00% ROI
  • Semi-Annually Withdrawals: 150.00% ROI
  • Min. Investment $50,000.00
  • Max. Investment No Limit
  • Investment Security: 100%
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